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Culture Burn – wjmaggos.net – is the personal website of William Maggos.

The name comes from a PDF that refers to advertisers failing to correctly translate copy to a foreign market. This could, they fear, create moments of disillusion and then a strong and sustained adverse response to the brand in the targeted culture.

Most consumers react negatively to badly written copy. If it doesn’t sound quite right it will trigger a subconscious alarm bell which will ring throughout the purchasing decision-making process.

I feel like an outsider having a similar but perhaps inverse reaction. I’ve finally realized that my life experience is largely that of seeing an entire culture dominated by marketing, to detrimental effect. I see a need to break the many spells of marketing – helping people leave Plato’s cave, break free of the Matrix or take the red pill, etc. After years of complaining about the symptoms of this sickness, which I can’t/won’t stop doing, this site will also document my attempts at a cure.

About William

In the past, I became involved in politics (Dean for America/Democracy for America) and government (Office of Governor Pat Quinn) because I wanted to help address our big social problems. But I discovered that what really holds us back is the current state of our media, and how it makes it impossible to have meaningful discussions about our shared future at a society level. My hope now rests in the internet’s potential to overcome this communication breakdown. So I’ve shifted my focus to software development, in order to gain the skills needed to build the infrastructure for a more democratic media culture and open the door to really solving our collective challenges. Please drop me a line if you want to help. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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Email me at wjmaggos AT gmail DOT org or find me at the links above.

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